Solutions for
Perfect Thermal Management


MFR 012

The MFR 012 electromechanical hygrostat is designed to control the relative humidity inside enclosures. When connected to an enclosure heater (dehumidifier), it will energize the heater at the humidity set point in order to raise the dew point. This helps prevent damage and malfunction of electronic components caused by condensation and corrosion.

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KT 011

Thermostat “NC” (normally closed): Thermostat opens at temperature rise. Comes with a Red temperature dial.
Thermostat “NO” (normally open): Thermostat closes at temperature rise. Comes with a Blue temperature dial.

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FTO 011/FTS 011

Tamperproof (Pre-set) Thermostat NC (normally closed): Thermostat opens on temperature rise (red module housing) – for regulating heaters or for switching signal devices when temperature has fallen below the minimum value.
Tamperproof (Pre-set) Thermostat NO (normally open): Thermostat closes on temperature rise (blue module housing) – for regulating filter fans, heat exchangers, cooling devices or for switching signal devices when temperature limit has been exceeded.

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ZR 011

The ZR 011 houses two separate thermostats, allowing the independent control of heating and cooling or other equipment.

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FZK 011

The FZK 011 mechanical thermostat is used for controlling heating and cooling equipment, filter fans or signal devices where a higher degree of sensing accuracy is required. An integrated resistor (RF) can be connected to improve the switch temperature difference (see Option note). The thermostat registers the surrounding air and can switch both inductive and resistive loads via snap-action contact.

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ET 011 24VDC

The ET 011 is an electronic thermostat for regulating high performance DC 24 V equipment. Heating or cooling equipment, as well as signal devices, can be switched via the SPDT (change-over) contact. A relatively small hysteresis sets the ET 011 Thermostat apart from less accurate mechanical thermostats.

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SM 010 24VDC & 48VDC

The SM 010 Electronic Relay is used for switching high powered DC operated equipment, such as heaters, up to 16 amps. A separate conventional switch contact is used as controller (e.g. thermostat, hygrostat). The electronic relay is available in DC 24 V and DC 48 V versions.

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