vl5-40-rcbo-constructionConstruction Features


  • Protection against the effects of earth leakage overload and short circuit currents.
  • 2P switching of ph&N,Phase only protected against overloads and short circuits.
  • In commercial,industrial and domestic electrical distribution systems.
  • Note:must mot be used as the sole means of providing protection against direct contact.
  • The RCBO incorporates a residual current operated electromagnetic release which operates without any auxiliary source of suppl to open a circuit automatically in the case of an earth leakage fault between phase and earth greater than or equal to In.
  • The RCBO combined MCB&RCCB provides:Protection against indirect contact
  • Complementary protection against direct contact
  • Protection for the installation against in sulation faults
  • Standard: GB16917.1, IEC61008


  • Our products have the guarantee period of 36 calendar months,that is a high quality and reliability;
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  • Adopt electromagnetic style release , can play a leak electricity and electric shock protecting role while breaking in zero Line.

Construction Features:

  • Measuring component and buckling component of products is located between enter line end and entrance line end ;
  • Movement characteristic of products can not be changed with outside mechanical tool ;
  • The operating organization has the free function to take off and buckle;
  • Operate part can not be taken down from the shell outer of products , the shell can not influence the operating organization to work , the accessory group which replace the feelers pressure, should guarantee the feelers pressure does not change while running.

Normal operation and mounting requirement

  • Circumstance temperature -5°C ~ +40°C, average temperature within 24h not exceeding +35°C.
  • Altitude above sea level less than 2000 m.
  • Humidity not exceeding 50% at 40°C and not exceeding 90% at 25°C.
  • Installation class II or III.
  • Pollution class 2.
  • Installation method DIN Rail mounting type.
  • The external magnetism shall not be more than 5 times of terrestrial one.
  • Product shall be installed at the place where there shall be no severe impact and vibration.
  • Product shall be vertically mounted onto standard Din rail 35mm.

Technical Data

Type VL5-40
Number of poles 1P+N
Rated Current(In) 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40A
Rated operating current( I△n) 30, 100, 300, 500mA
Rated Voltage(Un) 230(240)VAC
Residual operating current scope 0.5I△n~I△n
Residual current off-time ≤0.3s
Type A, AC
Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity (Inc) 6000A
Endurance ≥4000
Terminal protection IP20