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Required performance
of Thermal Management products

In only four steps you will calculate the heating performance for your application. If you need help, please contact us by phone or by e-mail. We are happy to be of assistance.

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Units of Length:Temperature Unit:
1. Enclosure dimensions
H (Height) mm dimensions
W (Width) mm
D (Depth) mm
2. Enclosure material

3. Location of installation

Units of Length:Temperature Unit:
4. Enclosure position

Units of Length:Temperature Unit:
5. Heat dissipation

The heat dissipation (=self-warming) of all installed electrical load (e.g. transformers, relays, semiconductors, bus bars, etc.) has to be taken into account if components are operated continuously.


Units of Length:Temperature Unit:
6. Climate
Lowest ambient temperature °C
Desired minimum temperature inside of the enclosure °C
(lowest temperature inside of enclosure to ensure all equipment inside of the enclosure will work properly)
Temperature difference K
Highest ambient temperature °C
Highest ambient humidity (RH) %
Desired humidity inside of enclosure (RH)
(max. 65% recommended)
Height (above sea level)
max. 2000 m or max. 6500 f